Drop Ship Neon Sign Program

For over 25 years, Johnny Austin Neon Co. has been the premier supplier of neon signs, sculptures and components. Manufacturing and distributing neon all across the globe, our operations moving forward will be to your benefit as we launch our drop ship program for small and large distributors alike. If you are interested in becoming a drop shipper please continue to read below.

Neon Sign Program

Why become a distributor of neon signs?
• Purchase directly from the manufacturer with over 25 years experience
• Authorization to download images, copy and logos to assist in sales and marketing
• Access to original items, sales and promotions

What are the requirements to become a drop shipper?
• Must have existing storefront, web store or catalog
• Must have current state re-seller permit, Tax ID or Business License
• Comply with our Terms
• Price competitively

All dealer applications are reviewed within 48 hours upon receipt. We will provide account details, price lists and images after approval.

Drop shipping is perfect as home based business opportunities as well as for established businesses that want to add more products to their existing lines without having to stock and ship.

Neon signs are a great source for making money online or in your current store front. Simply advertise our products on your site or display them in your store, send us the orders and we will blind ship the item directly to your customer for you. We will charge you a wholesale price and you keep the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price you charge your customers.

Unlike many, we are not a middle man. We are the factory that actually manufacturers neon signs, neon sculptures, neon clocks and neon components.

Lastly, no shipping! We will blind ship the items directly to your customers and they will have no idea that we even exist. We also ship fast because everything is right here in our warehouse.

Please Note: Please help to keep our overheads low by using email whenever possible. Low overheads translates into lower prices which benefits everyone. Thank you!