Does your neon sign flash “ON” then goes “OFF”?

If your neon sign only stays “ON” for a few seconds, then turns off, we have somethings for you to try. Quickly turn the neon sign “ON” then “OFF” a few times. Then leave the neon sign “ON”. If the neon sign continues to have a problem staying “ON” then there are a few more things to try. As you turn the sign “ON” watch to see if there is a neon tube(s) that is not lighting up. If you find a neon tube(s) that is not lighting, ensure that your neon sign is unplugged with no power to it. Then thoroughly inspect the non-functioning neon tube(s) for any hairline cracks or damage. If you do not see any cracks or damage you will then need to isolate each non-functioning neon tube(s). Make sure there are no exposed wires before plugging the neon sign into the power outlet. Then turn the sign “ON”. Does the rest of the sign come on? If so, then you found the problem neon tube. Once you determine that the neon tube(s) is the problem, if the neon sign is a Johnny Austin Neon Sign contact us to purchase a replacement neon tube. If the sign is not Johnny Austin Neon Sign, then contact your local neon tube bender to get a replacement neon tube made.

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